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Kaagaz Movie 2021 Review, Cast, Story, News

Kaagaz Move Review: Tripathi Pankaj is awesome, but still Satish Kaushik cannot save the film, which is full of clichés and still many years in a genre that has seen a better example.

After nearly five years, after returning to film production, Satish Kaushik had made a film, which he had previously done. This paper may be considered the best work ever, but he still plays catch-up with a style that has bypassed the days of melody background scores.

Kaagaz Movie 2021 Review, Cast, Story, News

The paranormal paper, Lal Bihari is the true-life story of the deceased, played as Bharat Lal Death by the always innocent Tripathi Panasak. Bharat Lal is an equal, a respectable band player from a small village in Uttar Pradesh, who is believed to lead a slow life before the millennium, making it fashionable. Satisfied with your little shop, a sweet house with a sweet house and a young son, there is no aspiration to change it for anything.

Kaagaz Movie 2021 Review, Cast, Story, News:

In the initial scene where Bharat catches the mouse in his shop and talks to him before he does a good job reinforcing it as pure intention. Pankaj, within a few minutes, make your place in your heart. Unfortunately, it is also a place where the heart of the film is at the top of the story.


Salman Khan had sued Kamal R Khan over his defamation, known as KRK.
Mika pulled the 'donkey, mouse, claiming that he had a video that apologized.

Princess Shahrukh Khan Suhana Khan posed with her friend at a birthday party.
Suhana Khan is the queen of candidates in Bash Bash's new photos, see here

Ashman appeared in Khurana Charan.
Ayushmann Khurrana said that if he had a chance to do it again, he would "cry"

Rida Kapoor Sahni with her parents, Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Kapoor.
Riddhima recalled that when he was a teenager, he used to get 'many films offers'

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When Bharat's wife, who has little hope for a better life, asked him to expand her business with a bank loan, it was shown she had a strange problem. He was dead on an unknown paper, with his non-controlling aunt and his sons stating that he died, legally holding on to his assets. 

So, decade by decade, a corrupt system, bureaucracy, terrible battles against their families, and their greed. However, this Great Enemy came much later in the film, initially, his biggest enemies were village children and useless men who manipulated him and called him a 'ghost'.

Many films are enemies, even if it builds itself. Satish was directed and some removal options pushed the film to its hunger death. The Fame, collected in the first few minutes, is destroyed by an item song where Sadipa has a man and a zoom loop in his waist. 

Evil AuNTS obtains a complex-over-the-top sound effect, and Satish's unnecessary comments throughout every scene, telling a fairly simple story that insults the audience's intelligence. During the emotional scene, Moro moves into Q and during a simple amusing moment, a buffalo appears.

And besides all this, the film is still worth watching Tripathi Pankaj Abhinaya. It was still amazing to see it slipping into any environment, with whatever tenderness. 

For the dearest father of Gunjan Saxena, the leader of the gun-sling gang in Ludo, Pankaj has proven time and again that there was nothing he could do. As a man with a golden heart, Bharat Lal has never been a major challenge to his potential. Pankaj plays Grace, Frenzy, Rage, and Hurt, everything is the same.

While Tripathi Pankaj may have been a miracle among the actors, the people around him were hopeless. From wife to aunt, cousin, politicians, journalists, or friends, no one has Nanit. It also comes as a relief as it may not be able to lift useful actors. Don't joke, more emotional scenes don't improve and the wife's accent is hidden.

This paper is clearly behind a style that has seen a better example of 10 years ago. For this, I have a social awakening film like Bajrangi Bhaijan or Sultan Salman Khan. His heart may be in the right place but the choice of teenagers and cliche direction reduces his chances of greatness.

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