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Koi Jaane Na 2021 Movie Review, Cast, Budget

STORY: One writer struggled with his failed marriage and threatened to uncover his original identity by extortion, a writer's block placing himself in a major problem. At the same time, he met a beautiful young girl who was black. Together, can they remove the demons and live forever?

REVIEW: Kabir Kapoor (Kunal Kapoor) is a famous writer and YouTuber during the day and night. He channeled himself into lying in trouble and helping to stop crime. But his life in crisis. His former wife (Vidya Malvada), who was cheating, was now out to sue him. Next, squeeze it out and blow dry with large allowances.

Koi Jaane Na 2021 Movie Review

Koi Jaane Na 2021 Movie Review, Cast, Budget:

He now wants a big bungalow on the 'Dangers' Jeep and Panchgani, which is also a labyrinth of secrets in deep briefs. He also served on the spy co-reporter who was wise Ricky Rosario (Karim Haji) to squeeze Kabir. All these things, Suhana (Amayara Dakur), a beautiful young backpacker, really came into Kabir's life on Jabaran Panchgani.

As expected, it is necessary to get this opportunity in love and life immediately, but suddenly, a flood of murder shook the hill station and their lives, as Kabir became the main suspect.

The same complex and chaotic story that can be described above is the film, but beware, this is just the beginning. When the writers of Amin Haji give up their imagination and pen, we are bombarded with characters and shady plots, trapped in their delusions. To his credit though, Haj intrigued and of course, the item number where Ellie Defy, Aamir Khan was super-leftover.

Gradually the first half builds, which shows a promise, but the story becomes progressive. Execution with stories that tried to justify his character and the goal was very low. For example, the Kabir housewife did nothing but woo Bindia (Neha Mahajan) but Pallu slipped and took her to the boss.

The contribution to the story is Zach, there are many twists and changing batteries that are not even included. And it is introduced to the climax in an attempt to make the brain a brain but slows the pace making a boring clock. Also, the matter of forgetting the song is getting worse.

Kunal Kapoor and Hire Amayara were well-cast in their roles and despite the obvious nuances, there was much scope to appear. Ashwini Kalsekar was very influential when the taunting police and Atul Kulkarni were really doomed.
In the end, the most tangible part of it is the title 'No Go' which makes one feel complete after watching it.

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