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Shabana Azmi Biography, Age, Height, Family, Husband, Boyfriend

Shabana Azmi Biography: Hello friends, we will talk about the biography of Shabana Azmi. This is a considered actress who has done many types of acting. She used to be a famous actress of her time. Here, apart from his Hindi movies list, wikipedia news, we have to know all the things in family, children, husband, sister, age, height, weight, boyfriend etc. in private life, then let's read the post till the end.

shabana azmi age, height, husband, biography in hindi

Shabana Azmi Age, Height, Family, Husband, Boyfriend, Biography :

Shabana Azmi is a big actor in Bollywood Hindi films, because of her popularity, she is completely immersed in all kinds of characters and she has done many types of characters. He was born on 18 September 1950 in Mumbai. He did his early schooling from Queen Mary School Mumbai and college studies at St. From Xavier's College Mumbai.

Father's name is Kaifi Azmi who is a poet and mother is Shaukat Azmi who is a stage actress. Shabana inherited acting from her mother, which enabled her to start her career in Hindi cinema. She was married to famous cinema composer Javed Akhtar.

Know briefly the things related to Shabana Azmi's life -

Correct name - Shabana Azmi.
Nickname - Cocoa.
Profession - Actress, Social Activist.
Height - In feet 5'6 ''.
Weight - in kg 65 kg.
Age (in 2018) - 67 years.
Education (Degree) - Psychology.
Debut film - Ankur (1974).
Family - Father (Kaifi Azmi - Poet).
            - Mother (Shaukat Azmi - Stage Actress).
            - Sister (is not).
            - Brother (Baba Azmi - Sinetographer).
Boyfriend - Shekar Kapoor (Filmmaker).
Husband - Javed Akhtar (poet, lyricist, scriptwriter).

Shabana Azmi Personal life :

In the late 1970s, Benjamin Gilani was invited for an engagement with Shabana Azmi, but she married Javed Akhtar, a Bollywood lyricist, poet, and Bollywood screenwriter, on 9 December 1984. Due to which he was made a member of the film family.

However, this was Akhtar's second marriage. His first wife was Honey Irani, who was a Bollywood scriptwriter. Shabana's parents were very angry about this marriage as they did not want her to marry the father of 2 children (Farhan Akhtar and Zoya Akhtar). Indian actress Farah Naaz and Tabu are his nieces and Tanvi Azmi as his daughter-in-law.

Shabana is also a famous social worker who stands up to fight against AIDS and against injustice in real life, with support for the future of children. Azmi expressed his opinion on a number of issues but initially his activity was not believed. Later, he proved his opponents wrong and came out as a big social activist for this, he also got a lot of support for his celebrity status.

He criticized it through numerous plays and performances targeting the communalism. Together with Swami Agnivesh and Asghar Ali Engineer, he also organized four days from New Delhi to Meerut regarding communalism.

Slums, displaced Kashmiri Pandit migrants and earthquake victims in Latur (Maharashtra, India). The 1993 Mumbai riots also brought disgrace. He also opposed the advice of the grand Mufti of Jama Masjid after the September 11, 2001 attacks, and said that the Muslims of India should shed the leader alone before joining the people of Afghanistan.

Career :

Shabana completed her education from FTII in 1973 and signaled to Fasla of Khwaja Ahmad Abbas and also started work on Kanti Lal Rathod's Parineya. His first film was Ankur, which was directed by Shyam Benegal in 1974.

This movie is based on a true incident that took place in Hyderabad. In this film, Azmi played the character of Lakshmi Khela, the wife of a servant living in the village, who was shown to be in a relationship with a college student. This student who comes in rural areas.

Azmi was not the first choice for this film because the main actress at that time refused to play it. Nevertheless, this film was a huge success and for this Shavana also won the National Film Award for Best Actress for her performance. Famous filmmaker Satyajit Ray said that the film 'Ankur' may not fit into its rustic atmosphere immediately but still it was liked a lot.

For three years, Shawna received National Film Awards for her roles in the movies Arth, Khandar and Paar. He again received the National Film Award for the film 'Godmother' which was also in 1999, thus he received 5 awards.

The characters portrayed by Azmi feature real-life images. He played the head of a prostitute in the movie Mandi, for which he had to increase his weight. Khandar played the role of a woman named Jamini in the film, in which she was different from the acting of a typical urban Indian wife, householder and mother.

Filmography (Movies List) :

- Ankur (1974).
- Fakira (1976).
- Amar Akbar Anthony (1977).
- Atithee (1978).
- Jeena Yahan (1979).
- Apne Paraye (1980).
- Ek Hi Bhool (1981).
- Namkeen (1982).
- Avtaar (1983).
- Bhavna (1984).
- Khamosh (1985).
- Genesis (1986).
- Susman (1987).
- Ek Aadmi (1988).
- Ek Din Achanak (1989).
- Disha (1990).
- Fateh (1991).
- Patang (1992).
- Saaz (1997).
- Godmother (1999).
- Tehzeeb (2003).
- Umrao Jaan (2006).
- Sorry Bhai! (2008).
- A Decent Arrangement (2014).
- Neerja (2016).

Shabana Azmi Awards and Honours :

National Awards :

- National Film Award for Best Actress ( Ankur - 1975,  Arth - 1983, Khandhar - 1984, Paar - 1985,  Godmother - 1999).

Filmfare Awards :

-  Filmfare Best Actress Award ( Swami - 1978,  Arth - 1984, Bhavna - 1985 )
-  Filmfare Lifetime Achievement Award (2006).
-  Filmfare Best Supporting Actress Award ( Neerja - 2017).

Some amazing information related to his life that you should know - 

- Does Shabana smoke? : No.

- Does Shabana Azmi drink alcohol? : No.

Azmi ruled the hearts of people by acting in more than 100 films, besides winning 5 National Awards and 4 Filmfare Awards for Best Actress.

Actress Tabu and Farah Naaz are his nieces.

- They supported the slums, Weghar Kashmiri Pandits and earthquake victims in Latur, Maharashtra, along with being socially active and also supported them.

- He also organized a long 4-day front for communal harmony from New Delhi to Meerut in 1989.

- Shabana was privileged with a doctorate in arts by the Chancellor of the University Branden Foster.

Friends, you must have got to know a lot about Shabana Azmi's biography (Biography) by reading this Shabana Azmi Biography post. We have told here some information related to his films, husband, award, Wikipedia, movies such as - family, children (children), husband, age, sister, boyfriend, height, weight etc. If you like it, then you can comment and tell us.

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